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November was a busy month!  We had our book fair and then moved right in to Makerspace stations.  We did not give our selves much downtime!  We did a big book order and chose a lot of books from the book fair.  This meant that there was plenty of cataloguing and processing that needed to be done!  Our goal was to have them all completed by the beginning of December so that we could do a big book tasting.  Angelica worked really hard at getting them all done!  Phew! The book fair was a great success with lots of our students going home with new books.  We also were able to replenish our teachers classroom libraries with new books from the book fair.  I know that the kids were so excited to be able to read some of those new titles. In the following posts I will outline some of the new stations that we created for our stations.  I want the kids to have something new to try as well as bringing out some of the activities that they have already tried.  We had a lot of fun with them and

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